Banquet Items

Below items priced by the 1/2 pan and serve 20 - 25 people
BBQ Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Sesame Chicken Wings
Chicken Drummies
BBQ Meatballs
Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Horseradish & Chive Meatballs
Cocktail Wieners
Below items priced by the tray
Vegetable & Dip
Cheese & Cracker
Meat & Cheese (served with dinner rolls)
Spinach Dip (3lb.)                                                   $ 40.00
Smoked Salmon (3lb.)
Tortilla Chips & Salsa
Potato Chips & Dip
Main Entrees
These entrees served with a dinner salad, vegetable, dinner roll and choice of potato (Baked Potato or French fries)
Sirloin (10 oz.)  
Roasted Rosemary & Garlic or BBQ Chicken Breast (6 oz.)
Broiled Walleye (6 - 8 oz.)  
Buffet Suggestions
Pizza and Salad Buffet--a casual dining option. Choose from our sauces and toppings for your pizzas. Includes a large  Caesar Salad.
$14.95/per person
Taco Bar: (Soft or Hard Shell) (Beef or Chicken)
$10.95/per person
If you wish to book a party in our banquet room, please contact Pete at 651.292.9140 and have the following information:
Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code,
Daytime &
Evening Telephone,    E-mail,
Date and Time of Banquet, 
Number of Guests,
Room (Cafe or Loft)     Cash or Host Bar
There is a $200.00 deposit required.
* Rooms are available until 10:00 pm unless otherwise agreed upon with Billy's Management.
$300.00 Minimum food purchase (does not include tax, gratuity or beverages).
Gratuity: 18%